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Thread: Newbie(ish) implement advice
Thread: Slipper Interest
Thread: Anyone up for a party?
Thread: F/f authentic school caning
slipperdom commented a photo: Please do You have a vacancy for a slaveboy Maam?
Thread: Spanking in Australia
F/f authentic school caning
Slippering caning switch services
Joolsj commented a photo: Doing well thank you Alfonzo, thank you for the comment! They'll be some more...
scottsappa commented a photo: oh Sarah what spankable cheeks you have, they deffo need a good spanking and...
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alfonzo commented a photo: My favorite hope your doing wellX
Bumsey commented a photo: I would love to have caned that bottom
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LUCYBENSON uploaded new photo: 16142993 10154500865974794 5481831187137446934 n
naughtypete uploaded new photo: P1050430
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